Our mission is being the world class producer of Gold, Silver, copper, Cobalt and diamonds through responsible mining practices and generating satisfying valuable wealth to our shareholders and stake holders.

Blaze Metals Resources Limited is a Ghanaian founded company exploring for and developing large-scale gold deposits in the world-class goldfields of Ghana, West Africa and diversified operations across the globe. Always going above and beyond industry standards, ours is a result delivery orientated company which has set itself apart as one of the most efficient and successful mining company in Ghana. With diversity in Middles East, Europe, and some of Africa’s most stable mining jurisdictions. Blaze metals prides self in its increasing leverage to Gold and copper through highly significant production.

Our company has continuously explored new mineral deposits increasing its internalisation predominance, exploration track record and stability in high Gold production making us one of the largest exporters of Gold, copper, Cobalt, diamonds and Silver delivering outstanding full range of Preciouses and base investment solutions.

Blaze Metals Resources has mining operations and projects in Ghana, Zambia, Democratic republic of Congo. Blaze Metals has a precious metals trading hub in Dubai, Netherlands, London.


We believe that effective corporate governance is a strategic and strong foundation of Blaze Metals Resources performance and success as a highly competitive mining and exploration company with sites for Gold, copper, cobalt, diamonds around the world.

We have a composed International Advisory Board which was established to provide advice to Blaze Metals Resources Board of Directors and management on geopolitical and other strategic issues affecting the Company.

The Governance of our Company is overseen by the board of directors-this is highly essential for enhancing shareholder value and protecting our employees.

Our Board of directors is composed of independent, skilled, knowledgeable Directors Who:

Have experience and vast understanding in the mining industry.

  • How the board of directors oversees and governs our company – is essential to enhancing shareholder value, protecting our employees and our stake holders

The board is composed of independent, knowledgeable directors who:

  • understand the mining industry and its complex history
  • understand our business
  • promote an overall culture of transparency and ethical business conduct
  • actively work together to foster our short and long-term success.

Effective governance is a foundation of our performance and success as a publicly traded gold mining company with sites around the world. Our obligations, expectations and intentions are codified in the documents available in this section and reinforced regularly at all levels of the Company.