Blaze Metals create maximum value for our customers seeking gold testing, refining services, trading / brokerage, and export services. Through our testing and logistics services, we eliminate the hassle of shipping the gold to the refinery thereby removing geographic boundaries between our customers and our products and services.

Customers Include:

  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Bullion & Jewellery Wholesalers & Traders
  • Mines
  • Gold Refiners

  • Investors
  • Government Agencies
  • Global Refiners
  • End Consumers

Customer Requirement

  1. account opening form (Original copy)
  2. Trade License
  3. Memorandum and Article Of Association (MOA) / Share Register
  4. Passport Copy Of All Beneficial Owners/Authorized Signatories For The Account
  5. Personal Utility Bill (I,E. Water Bill,Electric Bill, Bank Detail, Lease Agreement Or Any Other Document Showing Home Address
  6. For Scrap Jewellery And/Or Pure Gold Supply Chain Customers, Please Submit The Following:
    1. Sample Of Invoices (At Least 2-3) Showing The Purchased Date And Country Of Origin should Be Dated At Least 1 Year From The Date Of This Application- Should Submit For Each Country Of Origin
    2. Source Of Gold Statement (Sample Format Will Be Sent Upon Request)

    For dore (Mine Originated) bars supply chain customers, please submit she following: If You Receive Gold From Mine Supplier/Owner

    1. Supplier’s Trade License
    2. Supplier’s Export License
    3. Supplier’s Menmorandum And Article Of Association
    4. Mines Owner’s Mining License (From Which Mine The Gold Come From)
    5. Supplier’s Passport Copies (All Beneficial Owners Mentioned On MOA)

     If You Are A Mine Owner

    1. Mining License
    2. Passport Copy Of Mine Owner


  • We only accept documents In English, Arabic and French. Documents in other languages should be translated by a Public Notary.
  • These are the initial required document; other document might be requested accordingly if necessary.
  • Agreement/Contracts will be signed after reviewing of all documents.
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