In collaboration with the Ghana Forestry Commission, the Oheneba Poku Foundation in Ghana is embarking on environmental projects aimed at increasing afforestation and reforestation in degraded forest areas, improving participatory forest management,  climate resilience and biomass production, while simultaneously enhancing incomes and livelihood options and establishing improved forestry planning and monitoring systems.

The project  seeks to plant  and manage 2million trees in a ten year span around Lake Bosomtwe. The project also seek to; to educate and increase public awareness on climate change and environmental protection , cultivate a culture of conserving and protecting the environment ,inspire, mobilize and train other communities to plant trees using professional standards and finally; alleviate poverty through agro-forestry and employment

Lake Bosomtwe is an important national, cultural and natural site of particular relevance for international conservation.. The lake catchment spans two districts, Bosomtwe and Bosome-Freho, and consists of a mixture of three unique types of ecosystems – forests, wetlands and mountains – which contribute to the conservation of vital biodiversity.


Surface area (terrestrial and marine): 28,699 ha
Core area(s): 1,159 ha
Buffer zone(s): 10,741.5 ha
Transition area(s): 16,798.5 ha


Latitude: 6°24’35”N – 6°35’33”N
Longitude: 1°19’22”W – 1°29’30”W
Midpoint: 6°30’16”N – 1°24’31”W


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Further update on this conference will be available later.